The flexible partner

BIBRA – The flexible partner


BIBRA is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of machineries for metal packaging in the world, especially for AE-bottoms and cone-tops, shallow drawn 2- pieces and DRD cans, lug caps and all types of end making for round and nonround products.

Our manufacturing program consists of sheet- or strip feed presses, curlers, lining machines and industrial ovens. As well the stamping dies for all our machines are made by ourselves and many special machines, a wide range of rollforming machines, semi-automatic lock-seaming machines and fully automatic lock-seam bodymakers.

BIBRA is located in Germany near Hamburg and was founded in 1889. For more than 50 years we manufacture machines in Barmstedt. In 1999 we moved our toolshop to Barmstedt and in 2009 our oven shop followed. Herewith we finished an important mission to group all our departments to one location, shortening communication channels, avoiding transports and to have the right answer to the market needs.

With the decision to manufacture our own O-frame presses in 2011 we are autarkic to build complete sheet-feed press lines with its backend under one roof, for your benefit, one roof, one responsibility, one language.

We are living our slogan ‚Bibra the flexible partner‘ daily and that’s the way we want to continue,  with more flexibility, with more partnership.

International success is possible due to a business policy which places the customer in the centre of attention. Quality is combined with flexibility and individual attention. This is what you can expect from us.

The executive board of directors

Marc Testuz

General Manager

Lars-Eric Unger

Vice General Manager

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