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These automatic bodymakers are built in 4 different types. The smallest type X/S is made for seaming and forming small cans, particularly for the highspeed production of dry cell battery jackets with a special type of seam called Mennen-fold. The X/S bodymaker for battery jackets can be linked directly to our automatic flanging machine type SN. The typical round jackets R14 (Baby) and R20 (Mono) as well as the non-round jackets 6F22 (9 V-Block), and the larger lantern batteries are produced on this machine. The size X/S is also suitable for small fancy cans and for car filter bodies. The larger types X/M, X/L, and X/XL are forming and seaming a variety of larger fancy cans of all kind of shapes.

All bodymakers are equipped with an automatic blank destacking magazine and a flexing station. Additional operations are possible to be integrated like notching, beading, pre-flanging and rim curling stations.

After 35 years of experience and more than 350 bodymakers under production, we can certify that most of the major dry cell battery and car filter producers around the world are using our technology.

Type X/S X/M X/L X/XL
Max. Output: 300 pieces 200 pieces 120 pieces 100 pieces
Max.product height 105 mm 150 mm 250 mm 300 mm
Produkt diameter 24-79 mm 50-115 mm Up to 150 mm Up to 260 mm
Metal thickness 0,15-0,25mm Up to 0,3 mm Up to 0,4 mm Up to 0,4 mm
Net weight 1900 kg 2600 kg 3000 kg 3500 kg