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Lockseamer_Lockstar DJS

The semi-automatic side seamer is used for the side-seaming of cans, containers, buckets and other bodies. Blanks formed by rollers or stamping machines are locked on both sides, gripped and uniformly seamed in one operation. The handling of the machine is so simple that a well trained person can produce 1000 or more bodies per hour regardless of can size.

The mandrel is suitable for inside, outside or other types of seam. Blades for different seams can easily be changed. The drive is through flywheel from which the power is transmitted by an electro-pneumatic friction clutch and brake to the camshaft actuating the ram and the upper dies.

The camshaft also controls the movement of the blades in the mandrel. The machine is fitted with a pneumatic holding device. This helps to simplify placement of the pro ducts to be processed.

The holding device depends on the product, i.e. its two side supports or mountings may have to be exchanged, depending on the size of the products which will be made.

Technical data III V VI X
Max. can body length
Standard mandrel 220 mm 390 mm 680 mm 1000 mm
Stepped mandrel 150 mm 250 mm 450 mm 650 mm
Min. body diameter
Standard mandrel 62 mm 85 mm 170 mm 220 mm
Stepped mandrel 45 mm 55 mm 125 mm 170 mm
Max. sheet thickness
Standard mandrel 0,3 mm 0,4 mm 0,8 mm 0,8 mm
Stepped mandrel 0,24 mm 0,32 mm 0,5-0,6 mm 0,6 mm