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Nonround curlers

Curlers_nonround curlers

The lids ejected from the press are transported into the curling stations by means of an integrated magnetic conveyor (vacuum for non-fe materials). Depending on type of lids, the pre-curling, curling and height adjustment rollers are provided to the products. The curler is easily adjustable for different width of lids, the length which can be handled on this machine depends on the size of curler.

After curling operation the lids can be stacked or transported to the compounding machine. For smaller sizes the curling station can be also integrated into the transport conveyor. All curlers DAU are also available in twin design.

Technical data DAU 150 DAU 250
Max. product width 50 – 150 mm 50 – 250 mm
Output each curling station 250 epm 200 epm