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Round curlers

Curlers_round curlers

The lids will be transported directly to the curling disc by means of integrated infeed belts. The output of the curler can be regulated by an infinitely variable speed drive. The change over of one size to another is quick and easy.

The lids are curled by the interaction of the inner rotation curling disc and the outside firm mounted but re-adjustable curling segments. The curled ends can be stacked by a mechanical worm type stacker, mainly used for smaller diameters or by a separate magnet wheel stacker preferred when stacking larger diameters.

Segments and curling discs are hardened and diamond ground for very precise curling results. Curlers can be also supplied as twin curlers with two stations side by side.

Technical data DARC 500 DARC 720 DARC 920 DARC 1080
Normal diameter range 30 – 83 mm 50 – 127 mm 45 – 189 mm 170 – 225 mm
Output each curling station 400 epm 400 epm 200 epm
(up to 1200 epm in special design)
200 epm
(up to 1200 epm in special design)