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Curling Lining Beading_Multistar ASG

The machine is designed for curling and lining of large round pail lids in flat edge or pre-curled design or for difficult curling operations. For plug lids the machine is equipped with a further station for beading.

The machine is built in modular design with 2, 3 or 4 working stations:
1. Pre-curling station.
2. Curling station with one curling roller.
3. Beading station with beading roller.
4. Lining station with electro-pneumatic and electronically controlled injection gun. Exact adjustment of the film weight by electronically controlled injection timing.

The basic machine body is manufactured in heavy steel construction. The drive of all elements effected by indexing gear drive which guarantees a smooth and wearresisting operation. Speed of machine infinitely variable by electronic frequency controlled drive motor. The transport of the lids is made by mechanical driven feed bars and fingers.

Technical data AG 1 AG 2
Output per minute max. 150 epm max. 100 epm
Diameter range lids/bottoms 99-230 mm 160-325 mm