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Lining machines_Gunstar

The ends stacked in a magnetic floating magazine are separated by a ratchet feeder and fed automatically into the lining station. Here the end revolves under an electro-pneumatic nozzle head which applies the sealing compound. The opening time of the nozzle is adjusted by an electronic timer.

The sealing compound is stored under air pressure in a container and is fed to the nozzle via a filter and flow governor. The air pressure in the storage container is adjustable. After they have been lined, the lids will be moved on by ratchet mechanism again. This can liner is infinitely adjustable in speed to suit the size of lid handled. Chuck speed can be adjusted separately from the main drive.

These lining machines are available in single or dual lane design and if requested also for aluminium products with vacuum chamber.

Technical data S M L X/L D
Diameter range forlids/bottoms 48-108 mm 65-200 mm 99-230 mm 99-350 mm 48-108 mm
Number of lanes 1 1 1 1 2
Output approx.ends/min. max. 440 max. 250 max. 220 max. 150 max. 880