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Showerhead liner

Lining machines_Showerhead Liner

These single or dual lane Showerhead compound liners apply die lining compound in non-round shaped ends. In special design with a separate working station for periphery curling of small ends. The lids are destacked automatically and transported by feedbars with fingers to the showerhead lining station.

After compound application, the lids are transported directly into the pockets of the Bibra vertical drying ovens. In special machine design, the lids can be stacked directly after compounding operation. The compound supply is a closed system. By means of automatic controls, the level of compound in the showerheads, as well as the refill, will be adjusted.

The store tank is a pressure tank. The amount of compound applied to the lids is controlled by an adjustable electronic injection timer and the variable air pressure inside the showerhead. For the handling of Alu- Ends the machine is equipped with vacuum feedtracks.

Technical data SG 12 SG 16 SG 23 SG 35 DSG 16 (dual lane)
Max. lid length 120 mm 175 mm 245 mm 360 mm 120 mm
Max. lid width 120 mm 175 mm 245 mm 360 mm 120 mm
Max. output 250 min. 220 min. 120 min. 100 min. 500 min.