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Rollformer RFA

Rollforming Necking Beading_Rollformer RFA

High speed rollforming machine for curling and beading operations especially for round plug lids for the paint can industry. This heavy duty rollforming machine is equipped with a rotary ring with 5 rotary spindles by pairs of gears and frequency controlled A. C. Motor, eccentric type spindle bushings. Outside tool segment with central adjustment for quick change-over. In case of a diameter change, only the tool-chucks on the rotary spindles have to be changed. Easy tool adjustment by means of the eccentric bushings with scales.

Machine with central oil-lubrication system, main switch cabinet with PLC control and fault detection display, min.-max. control at the infeed chute, safety controls to prevent tool damage and with ejection control.

Technical data  RFA I  RFA II
Diameter range 50-150 mm  130-200 mm
Shell depth normal 8-25 mm  8-25 mm
No. of tool heads 5  5
Output max. 300 1/min.  250 1/min.