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Starformer RAG

Rollforming_Neck_Beading_Starformer RAG

This high speed rollforming machine is suitable for pre-curling, curling, beading and calibrating operations of small fancy, tobacco, shoe-polish or pastille cans and lids and can be also designed for lug caps for jar-closures combined with a working station for lining. A worm separates the products and adjusts them to the speed of the feeding star. The feeding star transfers the products to the first of up to four working stations. Each working station can be equipped with up to 6 tools.

The products are moved from one working station to the next by a transferring star. After the products have passed through the last working station, they are transferred to a discharging star and transported out of the machine. The synchronous running of the machine is electronically controlled. All control systems are combined in a switch cabinet with operating panel.


Range of diameter Output Motor power Workingstations No. of tools per workingstation Weight
6-0,2-15 max. 1200 4,5 KW 2-5 max. 6 abt. 800 kg