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Stamping presses_Strip feed press

The main components of this strip-feed press are the sturdy C-frame body, 60° inclined with two tie rods on the open side to prevent spring, the controlled lubrication system, the pneumatic operated single-disc clutch and safety brake.

The ram guided in long guides to obtain maximum die life. The main switch cabinet with PLC control, operator’s guide with fault display, frequency transformers for the infinitely variable speed control, the electronic and adjustable overload control, additionally a brake plate in ram. Press suitable for shallow deep drawing operation and scrolled strips. The magazine can be easily charged from the rear. Vacuum suckers are separating the strips and a cross feed with main and auxiliary feed bar advances the strip without idle stroke to the die station.

The skeleton-strip is ejected by a roller ejector hinged to the press. A double sheet sensor stop the press automatically when two strips are lifted at a time or a strip is damaged.

Technical datas PDE 30-VS PDE 50-VS PDE 75-VS
Capacity 30 to 50 to 75 to
Throat 220 mm 250 mm 290 mm
Stroke adjustable 8-80 mm 8-90 mm 12-100 mm
No. of strokes 0-220 l/m 0-180 l/m 0-140 l/m
Press table 600 x 425 mm 700 x 485 mm 830 x 560 mm
Ram size 220 x 180 mm 220 x 180 mm 300 x 200 mm
Distance table-ram 340 mm 360 mm 425 mm
Ram adjustment 50 mm 60 mm 80 mm
Passing width in body to rear 260 mm 320 mm 400 mm
Connection load abt. 1 5 KW 7,5 KW 9,5 KW