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Lidmaker UST

Stamping presses_Lidmaker UST

Suitable for progressive operations of lids and cans and pre-drawn shells of round or non- round shape. Finishing of jar closures, hole-punching rim-drawing and curling of lid rings, trimming of drawn can bodies, circumference curling of non- round lids. The modular design of the machine allows the attachment of additional stations like compounding stations for round and non-round products. The machine can be supplied in single or dual lane design.

Speed infinetely variable up to 220 strockes per minute and per lane depending

  • On stroke
  • Length of feed bars
  • On Product
Press capacity 10 to 20 to 35 to
Stroke of feedbars 170 mm / 205 mm / 280 mm 170 mm / 205 mm / 280 mm 170 mm / 205 mm / 280 mm
Press stroke 50-90 mm 50-90 mm 50-90 mm