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For more thanĀ 40 years our own die and toolmaking plant manufactures all kind of cutting-, drawing- and forming dies as well
as rollforming tools for all purposes in the field of can- / capmaking and associated industries.

For our sheet feed presses single and multi dies with up to 9 paralell
toolings can be supplied.

One of our specialities are toolings for lug caps for jars for the first cutting and drawing operation but also for the following curling and lug forming operations.

We are well-known for our combined toolings for cutting/drawing and
curling operations for non- round fancy cans and for our ring toolings
for paint cans in single, double or triple tight design.

Toolings and spare-parts for all type of presses like sheet-feed, coil-feed or strip feed presses, also from other suppliers, can be delivered.

Our toolmaking plant is equipped with newest CNC manufacturing machines and measuring equipment for securing highest quality.