Back-End line


Bibra can build two kinds of curling machines: for round and nonround products.
The machine type called DAU can do pre-curling and curling for the long sides of non-round products. A magnetic conveyor system, or a vacuum system for non-magnetic materials, transports the lids directly from the press into the curler.

The curler for round products is called DARC.
An integrated infeed belt transports the lids to the curling disc. The inner rotating curling disc and the outside curling segments make the curling of the lids. The changeover from one diameter to another is quick and easy.


The Multistar machine can be equipped with different modules for various operations. It is designed for large round pail lids in flat edge or pre-curled design, plug lids or for other difficult and large curling operations.

The Multistar can be equipped with 2, 3 or 4 working stations of the following operations:

  • Pre-curling station
  • Curling station
  • Beading station
  • Lining station


The Gunstar is Bibras machine type for lining of round products with a speed of up to 400 ends per minute, depending on the product diameter.

This type of lining machines is available in single or dual lane design and if requested also for aluminium products with vacuum chamber.



The Rotarystar is a machine suitable for high speed compound- lining of round ends.

The machine can handle all common compound types like WBC-, High- Solid- or solvent compound. It can also be equipped with two de-stacking magazines for less change over time.


The Tristar is Bibras answer to markets requests of producing several products on one line with quicker changeover times and much less maintenance compared to showerheads.

It was designed to be able to handle all kind of different non-round ends and run up to 200 epm, depending on product dimensions. Another big advantage of the Tristar is, that you can simply put this machine on top of your existing lining- / lining and curling machine.

Note: The Tristar is in final steps of development and try-outs and will be finished in the first half of 2018.


Bibras Showerhead compound liner is well known all around the world for high speed lining of non-round shaped ends.

After compound application, the lids can directly be transported into the pockets of a vertical drying oven, for example made by Bibra, or the lids can be stacked after the compounding operation.

The Showerhead liner can be equipped with a separate working station for periphery curling of small ends.


This cap lining machine is specially designed for lining of twist off- and lug caps. Each station can handle up to 200 caps per minute, depending on product diameter.

It can handle each PVC- and water based compounds.


Bibra builds three different kinds of ovens – one oven for every customer need.

Pocket oven
The Pocket oven family consists of vertical drying ovens for drying or curing of WBC- compounds in round and non-round lids. These ovens can also be used for repair coatings of easy-open lids.

Mesh-belt drying oven
The Mesh-belt drying oven family is especially for drying/jellying/foaming of twist off- and lug caps, big industrial ends as well as PVC and latex compounds drying.

Post heater
The Post heater family consists of lid stacking ovens used for post heating of high-solid compounds of round products.