Spot welding + Bailing machine

Connections and power supply
  • Air supply: 6-8bar
  • Operating voltage: 3/N/PE/400V AC, frequency 50Hz
  • Control voltage: 24V DC
  • Electro power supply (without transformer): 6kW
  • Transformer: 76kW, 5400A/10V

Technical features

  • Max working size of the lids: 235mm x 235mm
  • Min working size of the lids: upon request
  • Speed: up to 25 lids per minute
  • Electrical components: Mitsubishi
  • PLC: Mitsubishi FX5U-64MT/DSS
  • Pneumatic components: Festo
  • Control cabinet: stands together with the machine frame, 30% free space, equipped with air cooling by fan

Dimensions and weight

  • Outside dimensions: 2500mm x 2500mm
  • Height: 1980mm
  • Weight: 975kg


Spot welding machine, carousel type, equipped with automatic feeding of the bracets (cleats) and wire bending unit for holders