The new and innovative Unistar Generation represents the future of sheet feeding systems. This family of different sheet-feed presses covers a range from small economically interesting 20T presses to presses with up to 100t. All Unistar presses can handle multiple die toolings with a maximum speed of 210 strokes per minute, depending on the product dimension. With our new comfortable and fast tool change system, which allows you to change the toolings sideways or from the back, we are responding to market needs.

Our fully automatic sheet feed press includes sheet de-stacking, alignment table with safer and more accurate sheet feeding, higher outputs and an optional zero idle strokes version. It is also available in a semi-automatic version on request.


The latest strip-feed press generation is dedicated for automatic feeding with scrolled or straight-sided strips and can be equipped with single or multiple tooling, depending on the product dimensions. Its main purpose is for stamping different round- and nonround lids and ends, but also deep drawing operations.

Vacuum suckers separate the strips, while a cross feeding system with main and auxiliary feeding bars guides the strips into the press, without causing idle strokes. A roller ejector transports the skeleton-strip out of the press. A sensor automatically stops the press if two strips are lifted at a time or a strip is damaged. The magazine can easily be charged from the rear.


Additional to our main stamping press products, Bibra also has other stamping press types: coil feed presses, disc feed presses and our lidmaker UST (underdrive press).

Our lidmaker UST is suitable for, among others, the following operations:

  • Transfer operations for pre-drawn shells, lids and cans in round and nonround shape
  • Piercing, rim bending and curling of rings for paint cans
  • Trimming of drawn can bodies
  • Hole-piercing and rim drawing for REL-closure

Thanks to the modular design of the UST, it is possible to add different modules like for example a compounding station. The machine can be supplied in single or dual lane design.