The Rapidstar is able to process all kinds of rollforming operations of small deep drawn round cans. It is dedicated for tobacco-, cosmetic-, pastille- and shoe polish cans, but can also handle all kind of similar deep drawn round cans and ends.

The machine can be equipped with up to four different working stations. An Improved feeding system, in form of a gripper system, guarantees an output of up to 150 cpm, depending on the diameter and the kind and numbers of shaping operations.

This high-speed rollforming machine is able to perform – amongst others – the following operations:

  • threading
  • beading
  • curling


The rollformer type RFA can handle curling and beading operations. This machine is dedicated to especially handle round plug lids, for example for the paint can industry. It can run up to about 300 epm, depending on product diameter.

The outside tool segments have a central adjustment for less changeover times. In case of a diameter change, you only have to change the tool-chucks on the rotary spindles.


Our Starformer RAG is a high-speed rollforming machine, with a maximal output of 600 cans per minute. It was designed to handle for example small fancy cans, tobacco, shoe-polish or pastille cans and lids.

The RAG can process the following operations:

  • pre-curling
  • curling
  • beading
  • calibrating

The Starformer RAG can handle about one to six working stations with a maximum of six tools per stations.