Overhauling and improvements

To maintain your production running and protect your machines from damages, our customer support service offers a complete overhauling service: we regularly check and if necessary repair your machine, so that every part of it works with the best performance and for the longest time period, as it should.

Our customer support service is meeting the needs and desires of our customers before, during and after the delivery of a single machine or complete line.

Electrical conversion

Additionally, we offer an electrical conversion from your out-dated, restricted or closed PLC-systems to the new, innovative and customer friendly Siemens S7 system. This gives you the opportunity to improve your working experience with existing machines and get worldwide support service for your PLC-system.

Each manufacturer and each machine has his own speciality. Therefore, we will individually check your machine, evaluate and explain you what needs to be changed.

Our customer support service directly interacts with our customers for their immediate interest. BiBRA puts major emphasis on a first-class support of its customer all around the world and around the clock.

The principal objective is to assist you with every project you have and to protect your production line from unpredictable production stoppage. Our job starts with the delivery of the machine.

Spare parts and Troubleshooting

Our job is to make your job easier. Our range of services focuses on assisting our customers in making correct use of our machines: professionalism, promptness, assistance in planning, installation, introduction and training, maintenance and upgrading.

To avoid mechanical problems with your machines it is important to check and replace wear parts. Our spare parts specialists are familiar with the construction details of your machine and they will ensure that you receive the right parts designed for your specific system. In case of an issue we provide you with immediate and efficient troubleshooting by phone and mail, and at your site if desired, to give you the best and quickest solutions.

If you have any further question or you need additional assistance for your projects, we will be happy to help you. You can use our contact form or find our contact details below and you will receive the desired information without further obligations.

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